Comments Of The Week: Boyfronzzz!

REAL virtual trophies this time.
Publish date:
December 29, 2012

My favorite comment this week is from (controversial) commenter KittensRule on Shayla's article "It Took Me Two Years But I Finally Ate Something Gross In Front Of My Boyfriend:"

Kittens, I don't agree with every comment you leave, but this one is priceless.

And now for the most upvoted comment in all of the land this week. It's from colbyface and can be found on "I "Accidentally" Read My Mom's Diary Over The Holidays And It Turned Out Terribly:"

This week's virtual trophy is a photo of me from yesterday sitting in my the basement of my family's weekend house holding two of my trophies, one from 7th grade soccer (Most Improved Player) and the other from 8th grade Track & Field (Most Valuable Player. Sorry, I'm not sorry). This week, my preciouses are for YOU, you clever commenters.

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