Comments Of The Week: Baby Squirrels And Pee-peopi

Edible virtual trophy is extra-meta this week!
Publish date:
January 5, 2013

The comments I picked this week are from s.e.'s article on pet names. I love pet names, and yes I do recognize they can be problematic and are a part of Ye Olde Patriarchy. Moving on.

avbeezy, we are kindred spirits. I am on the regular waving at dogs on the street while exclaiming, "bayyyyyby!"

YES Wendy. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is the best movie and sometimes I call my boyfriend "Pee-peopi."

The comment with the most upvotes from this week is from Daisy's "My Best Friend's BF Called Me The C-Word. Like 17 Times." And Alison wrote it!


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