Comments Of The Week: Accidental Soul Crying

xoJane's commenters are the wittiest biddies around.
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October 6, 2013
comments, we love comments, we love you

The most upvoted comment this week is from "UNPOPULAR OPINION: Your Boss Doesn't Owe You A "Fun" Job."

The second most upvoted comment was left on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Used A Naked Photo Of My Back As My OKCupid Profile Photo."

Now for my two favorite comments! The first is from Marci's story about seeing a hot guy crying on the train. It's storytelly! And sexy. And a little bit weird.

My other favorite comment is from "As I Fold His Tiny Pants And Weep: On Loving A Man Much Smaller Than Me."

Thanks for all the great comments this week! Here's your virtual trophy.