COTW: Siri, Open Tinder

Also: baby horses.
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October 22, 2016
comment of the week, Tinder, autism

I uninstalled the three dating apps I had on my phone a few weeks ago, and to be honest, I don't even miss them. I've been spending more time working on myself and my friendships and my job, and it's been pretty much equal parts great and fulfilling, so far.

But just because I deleted Tinder and Bumble off of my phone doesn't mean I'm uninterested in Tinder #content. For instance, this is my jam:

And on Wednesday night I went out with one of my close friends (we grew up a 10-minute walk from each other in New Jersey and now live a 10-minute walk from each other in Greenpoint) for her birthday. We were trying to think through her birthday two years ago, which was an endless champagne brunch that I ended up blacking out during and only came to while I was asking Amelia Gray to sign a book for me in eyeliner at a poetry reading seven hours later. Turns out that was actually the first night my friend met up with her current boyfriend, who she met on Tinder.

What I'm saying is that while I'm not super interested in Tinder/Bumble/Hinge right now, I might re-download them given the right frame of mind (read: lots of champagne). Though, considering what OhNoetry mentioned in "I Accidentally Tindered with My 5-Year-Old," I'm a little hesitant.

OK, see how I tried to tie everything up there together and keep a cohesive theme? I have to throw that all out because the next comment completely blew my mind. I think sometimes comments like these that show the kinda bananas depth and breadth of the knowledge of the commentariat are my favorite part of this job. ANYWAY. From "Autism Support in Vienna Sucks, So I'm Opening My Own Therapy Center":

If you didn't read that comment and think to yourself, "I love learning!" then, well, you're not me.

Anyway, I know this COTW is a little zany and a lot hodgepodge, so I just wanted to leave you with this: