COTW: Righteous Anger Edition

Feel free to vent in the comments.
Publish date:
October 8, 2016
comment of the week, comics, public groping

I had a super-upsetting thing happen to me on Thursday as I was leaving the office. I was waiting for the train to go home when a man walking by me very deliberately grabbed my ass, squeezed, and continued walking down the platform. Drive-by groping. Great.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I yelled at him, more out of shock than anything else. I wish I could say I looked super intimidating, but I literally never do and my voice was cracking. At this point the man took out his cell phone, and, I think, started taking photos of me. That's not a normal reaction to being yelled at (even for creepy subway gropers), and I didn't want to get myself into trouble I couldn't get out of, so I hustled upstairs to try and find some police officers.

I couldn't, so I just...went home. I cancelled my plans with Marci, got a woman to walk me back down to the platform in case he was still there, got home, drank a beer, and went to bed feeling very, very defeated.

Sorry this COTW is such a downer! Anyways, I really wanted to highlight some ~righteous anger~ from the badass babes in the comments because I am currently feeling neither badass nor babely.

The first person whose spirit I want to channel is Kaitlin from "IT HAPPENED TO ME: A Cell Phone Company Employee Stole Photos From My Phone":

The best part of this comment is that Jerrad, the author of the piece, popped in to let Kaitlin know someone from T-Mobile called her right after Katlin tweeted at them. Where's my Amy Poehler/Tina Fey "Bitches get stuff done" GIF?

Next up: Sweet T's comment in "IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Abusive Ex Used My Life Experiences For His Comic":

Because it's not enough to literally drain someone of their money and blood plasma; you also have to use their struggles as comic inspo! I don't know about you, but as I read this comment, this song started immediately playing in my head. Onwards and upwards, as my mom says.