COTW: Parents Edition

Hi, Mom!
Publish date:
October 29, 2016
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Hello from my childhood bedroom! I'm writing COTW from my bunk bed while my mom plays Melissa Etheridge on the stereo. I'm in Jersey for the weekend to visit my her (my mom, not Melissa) post-knee-replacement surgery. Of course, this means I cleaned the beauty closet out of Kerastase, bright lipsticks, Philosophy (moms love Philosophy just as much as the straight dude you're dating loves Kiehl's), and self-tanner to bring home as gifts.

Does anyone else feel a little weird when they visit home? I'm not sure if it's the new platform boots I have or something a little ~deeper~ but everything just feels smaller. The water pressure in the shower is still AMAZING, though!

Since I'm home hanging out with mine, I thought I'd dedicate this week to parents, in all their embarrassing glory. Our first comment comes from NotMotherTeresa in "I Went to a Sex-Positive Nude Resort, And It Improved My Body Image More Than I Could Have Imagined":

Are we all cringing? We're all cringing. Hey, NotMotherTeresa, there could be another Hedonism resort on the island that's all about, I don't know, really indulgent food! And everyone wears their clothes! And does not have sex in a pit of white pillows! Totally possible, but definitely don't Google to see if that's true!

Next up, from Nikkinola in "How Eating My Birthday Cake Alone in a Restaurant Ended My Closest Friendship":

THIS IS EVERY MOM. Or maybe just my mom? She went to a bagel store after physical therapy this morning and bought eight bagels. There are four of us in the house. We also bought two bottles of wine, a six pack of pumpkin ale (which we just split a bottle of, HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME), and a 24-pack of Amstel. For us. For a weekend. I'm definitely going to end up chugging three Amstels out of love and obligation.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Tell me about how great your moms are in the comments. I love moms.