May I Formally Invite You to Talk About Mean Girls and Dumb Men in This COTW?

COTW lives!
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August 27, 2016
breakups, feminism, comment of the week

Welcome (back!) to Comment of the Week. I’ve seen a lot of posts in response to especially clever commenters essentially saying, “This’d be comment of the week if that still existed!” And now, I am happy to announce that does exist (again!). Feel free to email me your picks at

First comment of the week is from the piece "Feminism Enabled My Husband to Be Lazy and Selfish" — and I’m breaking the rules already because it’s a comment thread, but look at this and tell me it isn’t great:

This comment struck pretty close to home for me. I got dumped two months ago because my ex suddenly became very enamored with the idea of traditional married life while I’m…not. He decided that it was important (for him) that we get married and move to San Francisco within two years (who cares about my job, friends, and family, though, right?). He wanted not just a partner, but a wife, which is a hat I’ve never particularly wanted to wear.

The first thing I did was call my mom and wail to her that “feminism ruined my relationship!” She told me what I already knew, which is that feminism didn’t get me dumped — Andrew issuing an ultimatum to change my mind overnight about a belief I’d held for longer than the duration of our relationship did.

I, too, can’t blame feminism for my boyfriend being an ass! Thanks, Gretchen.

Second comment of the week! This one comes from "RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Magical Mushrooms." I’ll keep the commentary on this one to a minimum and file it firmly in the “The More You Know!” category.

I learn so much in the comments, I tell you.

Now, if you’ve missed any of the articles that went up this week, may I humbly suggest you go and read the "I Have a Broken Bones Fetish" piece first thing? I think I annoyed my desk mates by just audibly asking, “What? Whaaaaat?” over and over again the first time I read it. You can keep this tab open for later.

If you’re all up to date on fractured tibias and wanted to tell me your favorite potato chip accompaniments (me: leftover tikka masala as a dip) or getting-your-groove-back-after-a-breakup songs (me: Solomon Burke’s “Cry to Me”) in the comments, I wouldn’t be mad. Hope your weekend kills it!