Comment of the Week Is More COTWish Than Ever

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October 26, 2014
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What a couple of days, huh? I hope we've all had a great one -- and I'm glad you've spent any part of it here with me. It's once again time to head into the regular work week, that Monday-through-Friday grind, but it's going to be a good week -- I just have a feeling.

Now, straight on to our comments of the week! The comment with the most upvotes when I put this post together is this comment from eliz08 on "Do We Care About Brittany Maynard's Right To Die Because She's Hot?":

I read that post with a lot of interest. I've been in favor of a person's right to die with dignity for a long time (hey, high school debate team, I remember you) but I appreciate how emotional the topic is in general. I am not sure cultural analysis conversations are ever going to be easy on this subject. What do you think?

My personal favorite comment this week is actually from this week's Jane's Open Thread by commenter BobcatVelveteen:

"HARD CHEESE, OLD MAN" is basically a fantastic phrase. But also, I am just really glad that, YES, here is evidence that people move on, no matter how terrible something feels in the precise moment.

I am glad your magic moved on, BobcatVelveteen. HARD CHEESE, INDEED.

And, if I don't get to talk to you before the holiday, I do want to wish you a very happy (or spooky) Halloween. Freya is, as you can tell, all ready with her costume even though I don't have mine ready yet at all.

Do you have a costume yet? Are you dressing up for a party? Tell me all about your plans -- and I'll see you next weekend, same Bat time, same Bat channel. (Oh, come on, I couldn't resist.)

UPDATE: Late breaking comment of the week, generated by a weekend post!

Weekend commenters definitely showed up to upvote this one.