Comment Of The Week: I Love Butts. I Love Them All.

PLUS: This week's virtual trophy is going to make your Saturday so much better.
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January 19, 2013

Happy three-day-weekend! My favorite comment this week is classically funny and exudes positivity and light. It's from Olivia's must-read article: an ass-loving piece that focuses on the importance of proportion when getting dressed. At the end of the day, it's about embracing and enhancing your juicy, fat ass.

The most upvoted comment this week is from IHTM: I'm A Thin Woman And I Got Liposuction. Now is probably a good time to remind you that we have the Unedited, Raw It Happened Me contest going on right now, and we're currently running pieces from it. Don't forget, you could win $1000!

Here's the comment:

This week's virtual trophy is sort of a cop-out. It's handy-dandy list of links to all of xoJane's sexy, engaging social media platforms. Ta-da!

Xo-Tumblr: come here for sexy gifs.

Xo-Twitter: Tell us what's on your mind and make up really dumb hashtags with us. The day when #xoJaneParodyHeadlines was kind of sorta trending was one of my favorite days at work.

Xo-FB: Honestly, lots of photos of hedgehogs and Lisa Frank stuff here (in addition to the latest articles we publish).

Xo-Pinterest: Our Babe Board is way famous! Guest-pinner Courtney Love keeps it and our tattoo board fresh, sexy, and sometimes NSFW.

xo-Insta: We have so much fun at the office and Jane is always sitting on the floor looking cute and bossing us in the least threatening most loving way possible. And we insta everything.