COTW: Because Good Advice Is Free in the Comments Section

Also: there's a gif of cats getting married in here.
Publish date:
September 3, 2016

Earlier this week I went to a "surfing-inspired" fitness class (read: cardio on a surfboard lashed to a balance ball — if you fall off, the instructor yells "Wipeout!" at you, and there's a lot of Sublime being played the whole time), and was told to "stretch liberally" beforehand. Because I've been doing this whole fitnessing thing for about a year now, I was pretty sure I would be fine if my warmup was just sprinting in heels up the four flights of stairs to get to the studio because I was running late.

Well, it's three days later and my quads feel like they're made of fire and bees. I clearly have problems following well-intentioned advice, which is why this edition of Comment of the Week is dedicated to everyone in the comments section who gives out great advice that we should all be so lucky to take. (Especially "omg caitlyn please make the comments actually visible!")

First up, from "IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend's Parents Said I Have to Convert to Islam if They're Going to Accept Our Relationship":

"Personally, I would not convert. For a myriad of reasons but namely because it is his job to negotiate this issue with his parents. I wouldn't allow them to operate under the delusion that you are the reason he is not more devout. By converting you would join your boyfriend's "double life" plan and there would be no reason for him to have the tough conversation with his parents about who he is and what your life will look like as a couple."

I know the commenters here are clever and funny (and have a magical stockpile of reaction gifs), but you all also come through with the earnest and kind advice on the regular, so thank you for that.

Next comment! This one's from "I Was Obsessed with Weddings Until I Realized My Favorite Traditions Are Sexist":

"You should totally have your cat walk you down the aisle. Case closed, everybody can go home now."

This is Very Good Advice™ — think of all the potential issues you're avoiding! You don't have to explain patriarchal symbols to your dad, and you avoid hurting anyone's feelings because they're all washed away on a tide of Lorelai-Gilmore-Pinterest-Manic-Pixie-Dream-Bride quirkiness. (I obviously just hit the arc in Gilmore Girls where Lorelai is planning her wedding and Rory is back at Yale.)

Honestly, why not just skip the whole ceremony, and re-enact it with feline proxies? Like so:

That's a wedding I would definitely RSVP to.

Anyways, I hope your weekend is long, luxurious, and free of any surfing-related injuries!