COTW: Ocean Adventures!

Also: shark-booping.
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December 3, 2016
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We talked a lot about the ocean this week — did anyone else notice? If you enjoyed that as much as I did, then you're really going to freak when you realize the entire season of Blue Planet is up on Netflix. I'm dealing with a killer migraine-PMS-flu combo as I'm writing this, so I'll probably be turning on the episode with anglerfish as soon as I'm done.

Does anyone else find nature docs incredibly soothing? It's like David Attenborough reading me a bedtime story.

First up, from "I Booked a Flight and an AirBNB for My Honeymoon and Left the Rest Up to Chance":

I feel like everyone probably has a Bad Teen Snorkeling Experience. Mine happened when I was like 15 in the British Virgin Islands. I'm a terrible swimmer, so when the boat dropped us off without life vests and then LEFT, I was completely and totally fucked. After 15 minutes of crying and doggy-paddling, I found a tiny bit of reef to stand on (I know) and proceeded to get welts from fire coral all up and down my legs. Snorkeling with a life vest on (thanks for the tip about unbuckling it and stretching it out, cool mom on the press trip to Cabo) was an entirely different and delightful experience.

Next comment, from "IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Went Shark Cage Diving and Peed My Wetsuit In Fear":

TELL ME MORE. I want to hear everything about booping and wetsuit cleaning and scuba crew parties. Remember when Bravo used to have all those reality shows about hair salons and gyms and cruise ships? I want one about the people working scuba trips.

I leave you with Mitch Hedburg talking about fish.