COTW: Happy Mediums

These comments are about finding neutral ground in areas that are not politics because eff that.
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December 10, 2016
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One of my mentors in college always told me that a big part of being successful and generally good at this thing we call life is knowing what you don't know. I've started realizing there are big holes in my general knowledge recently–I can tell you a bunch of random facts about a lot of things, or understand the outline of an issue, but I feel like I'm lacking a lot of deeper knowledge. If I was the kind of person to contemplate going back to grad school, now is the time that I'd probably do that, but I'm not–so please recommend some good non-fiction about science or history to me in the comments. I want to find a happy medium between "I know one fact about whales" (they can get sunburned), and "I have only read non-fiction, with the exception of Moby-Dick, about whales for the past year."

Speaking of happy mediums, let's get to the comments! These are about finding some nice common ground in two areas that are not politics because eff that, I don't play nice with bigots. Anyways!

First up, in "I Switched My Smartphone For a Dumbphone and I Don't Think I'll Ever Go Back" sheds some light on the "evils" of screen-time:

And from "I'm A Christian Married To An Atheist–Here's How We Make It Work" we get a little lesson from Spongeworthy about finding the balance between ~passion~ and happiness in a marriage.