COTW: Food Coma Edition

Are you still eating leftovers?
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November 26, 2016
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Hi! How was everyone's Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Eating Day?

I did my first Friendsgiving this year, at a friend's house where there were three dogs, two cats, and six tourists from Barcelona having their first ever American Thanksgiving. They got a crash course in the main tenets of Eating Day (always go back for seconds, gravy over everything) and then proceeded to Instagram the living daylights out of their plates. It was adorable, but I wish I could have shown them the glory of the Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich. Like your favorite Love, Actually arc, I think the composition of a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich can say a lot about the person making it. My move: sourdough, thin smear of cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, crispy turkey skin, salt, pepper, and an absolutely obscene amount of gravy.

I have two useful things to give to you, and then we can move on to the comments! Here's a guide to how long your Thanksgiving leftovers can last, and here's an Amazon wishlist for the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors.

OK, onto the comments!

First, from "I Get Paid to Poop":

I'm coming to the conclusion that articles about pooping will always have great comments in them; plus I love when commenters who have first-hand experience with what an article is about chime in.

Next up, from "Send This Gift Guide to Your Sugar Daddy":

I highly suggest going into the comment thread and reading everyone's Rich Widow With A Terrible Secret fanfiction, because it is a true delight.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go wilt dramatically onto a chaise lounge.