Toasted Coconut Oreos Have Cured My Recent Bout of Oreo Cynicism

If you see them, buy them.
Publish date:
October 1, 2015
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Write about something enough, and you're bound to become a cynic. That was how I was feeling after the Brownie Batter (aka Tootsie Roll) Oreo: cynical. I was beginning to think that Oreo only cared about churning out new limited-edition cookies to take up shelf space, and had lost track sight of what was really important (flavor innovation, duh).

But then, like a beacon of tropical light, they appeared.

I was almost afraid to get excited. Though I love everything coconut, I'm not the biggest fan of the Golden Oreo. My fears were for naught however, for these are a masterpiece of synthetic flavor. (These would have made more sense as a summer release, but I'm not mad.)

Obviously, we don't really need to discuss the wafer. Why would we? It's a Golden. To quote my bff Tynan: "Like, what is the point of a Golden Oreo?" I didn't know it at the time, but it turns out that this is the point of the Golden Oreo. The Golden provides a sweet, yellow cake-like flavor that makes the whole experience reminiscent of eating a slice of grocery store coconut cake.

But of course the real star here is the creme. It's a little creamier than the regular Stuf, with little dried flecks of coconut scattered throughout. Have you ever had a coconut Frapuccino? It's that same kind of coconut, and it is fabulous.

The creme is good on its own -- and I could eat a tub of it -- but when eaten with the wafers, you get a full flavor experience. It's like a tiny, coconut cake in sandwich cookie form. It's a bit cloying, but c'mon, of course it is. It's a coconut cookie made by Nabisco. Let's not pretend we're surprised by the sweetness.

Is there room for improvement? Of course. For starters, these cookies are much harder to open than any Oreo I've ever encountered. Usually, when one purchases a package of their favorite snack cookies, they are greeted by this friendly stop sign:

These Oreos have no such sign, nor do they have a pull tab. So I stared. I stared at the package for many seconds, assuming my eyes were playing tricks on me. Did they really expect me to open these cookies on my own, free of direction? Should I open them like a bag of chips? Should I cut them with scissors? Aren't they going to go stale? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

I eventually settled on pulling the sides and sliding them out, but I am not happy, friends. These things are going to stale like whoa, meaning I'm just going to have to eat them that much faster. So yeah, there is room for improvement.

And, I have to admit, as a fan of the Mounds bar, I don't hate the idea of this creme with a chocolate wafer. Luckily, I had some on hand, so I was able to DIY my own chocolaty, coconutty Oreo situation.

I did half and half at first, but then made the transition to two chocolate wafers with coconut creme. This may come as a surprise, but I think the one chocolate wafer/one Golden wafer is the way to go here (if you have some extra chocolate wafers lying around). Two chocolate wafers overwhelms the coconut, and you don't want that.

Overall, these are one of my favorite limited edition Oreos of all time. The bad news? I don't know where to buy them. This batch came from my Oreo contact, and I have yet to see them in actual stores. Those of you with Meijer stores near you should have no problem finding them, but I've never seen (or even heard of) those. So, if you see them, buy them (and tell me where to get them, please).