Check Out Your Comments of the Week

I will warm myself with the glow of the best comments from this week.
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November 9, 2014
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Florida is, you may have experienced if you've been here or live here, a little silly about winter. So while I know some of you are dealing with snow, in Orlando we're faced with daytime temps in the 70s.

This rack of firewood was on sale at my local green grocer who is still selling fresh produce. The cart is right next to the fancy ice cream stall.

It's not cold but it is awfully grey outside. So a fire might be a nice, cozy option. But our fireplace is full of lava lamps so instead I will warm myself with the glow of the best comments from this week.

First of all, we have user TrolliLolli on "Why I Decided To Intervene When I Saw Another White Woman Mocking A Spanish-Speaking Couple At My Grocery Store":

I think the more we speak up, the better. What do you think?

My favorite comment of the week is essentially the comment that I would have left on "IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Neighbors Relentlessly Harassed Me Over Some Dog Treats," from user Koumiko:

I am also sad that dog isn't getting his daily cookie. That dog deserves all the cookies.

So, I'll be gone for the next two weekends -- but that doesn't mean there won't be a spot for COTW. I am nominating you, xoJane readers, to note your favorite comments and discuss them like whoa while I'm gone.

And in the meantime, what's on your plate for the upcoming week? What are you looking forward to?

I will leave you with this sign that winter really has reached Florida -- because Freya is almost snuggling with my skinny old black cat. She's afraid of him (he's got a very intimidating meow) but there's no room for fear when the only warm spots are on the couch.