It's Sandwich Month So I Am Ingesting All The xoEditors Weirdest Sandwich Favorites

Some of them are weird, some of them are fancy, two of them involve potato chips.
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August 15, 2014
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It may come as a surprise to you that I don't usually pay attention to "Food Holidays." There are just too many of them. And, while I love an excuse to eat a doughnut, I don't need an excuse to eat a doughnut. Every day is Doughnut Day if you try hard enough and believe in yourself. Plus, who decides which day is "Bacon Day"? Are we commemorating The Great Bacon Battle of 1994 that was fought bravely in Pork Valley?

And -- I may be overthinking this -- but having just one day to celebrate a food puts a lot of pressure on that one day. What if you're stuck in meetings all day and can't make it to your favorite doughnut shop before they close? Are you supposed to celebrate Doughnut Day with Dunkin'? That's like celebrating Thanksgiving with a Hungry-Man microwavable turkey dinner. (Sorry, I do not like Dunkin'.)

Whole weeks should be provided for the celebration of foods -- months, even.

Case in point, did you know it's National Sandwich Month? I didn't, and now the month is halfway over! Thank goodness there are still two more weeks to celebrate. (It is also my birthday month, which makes a lot of sense; what is a sandwich but a gift wrapped in bread?)

Obviously, this is cause for celebration. I've always been a fan of creative sandwiches. In fact, my very first xoJane article was a lengthy experiment to find the perfect peanut butter and pickle sandwich. (Do you guys remember that?)

To commemorate the sandwich and its special month, I have collected and tasted the favorite sandwiches of my fellow editors. Some of them are weird, some of them are fancy, two of them involve potato chips.


My childhood go-to sandwich was a cottage cheese sandwich. Slather small curd cottage cheese between two pieces of bread like it's peanut butter and eat! Cottage cheese sammich is best on whole wheat bread! specifically, Orowheat brand Honey Wheat Berry. You need the crunch of the wheat seeds to balance the slime of the cottage cheese.

I could not find that exact brand of bread, so I bought a whole wheat with seeds and stuff in it.

Tasting notes: This sandwich is simple, filling, and pretty tasty. I already put cottage cheese on crackers, so this make sense to me. I might jazz it up with a little nutritional yeast or some pickles


Mine was Miracle Whip and banana.

I told Daisy I had eaten a mayo and banana sandwich before and she was all "Um... let's just be super clear that mayonnaise is not Miracle Whip."

Tasting notes: This did not taste bad. That tangy zip actually pairs with the bananas in a pleasant way. I don't know that I would make it again, but if someone made it for me I would probably eat it.

Kate Conway

Potato chips and baked beans. CRUNCHY SURPRISE.

Tasting notes: I really enjoyed this sandwich. The sweetness of the beans and the salty crunch of the chips are a match made in heaven. Since this was Kate's, I used vegetarian beans and resisted the urge to add ham, but I think this would be transcendent with a cured pork product.


Peanut butter, ham and cress! With butter. And always on white. This is what my mum would always make me to take to school on my birthday as it was my fave.

Tasting note: Pretty delightful, actually. Peppery cress helps cut through the fatty peanut butter and the salty ham really balances out the peanut butter. (I buttered and peanut buttered both slices of bread; I do not know if this is how Natalie's mum makes it.)


Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches for life.

Tasting notes: Perfect, as always. Both Somer and s.e. prefer crunchy peanut butter (I love creamy), but we all agree that dill is the way to go in terms of pickles.


Ou had a lot of good sandwich suggestions:

What I'm making for dinner tonight:

Open-faced avocado and baba ghanouj on baguettes (I smush the avo with salt, pepper, a little olive oil, can give you my baba recipe too if you want).

Hippie-ass Sammy: Hummous, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese on a baguette

Caprese sandwich: Fresh heirloom tomatoes, good mozzarella, fresh basil, salt, pepper, olive oil. Bread is...wait for it...baguette.

Roasted veggie: Use roasted portobello mushrooms as the bread. Also roast eggplant, bell peppers, and anything else that sounds good (I toss with salt, pepper, olive oil). Add grainy mustard.

I went with the "Hippie-Ass Sammy."

Tasting notes: These are a lot of my favorite things to be honest, so I was not at all surprised that I loved this one. My sister liked it too; she ate almost all of it.

Meredith (my little sister who is at my house)

Speaking of my sister, she is visiting right now, so she was able to contribute her favorite odd sandwich: pepperoni and cream cheese.

The best way to prepare this, according to Meredith, is to apply a liberal amount of cream cheese to one slice of bread, cover with a single layer of pepperoni, fold, consume.

Tasting notes: Trashy delicious. Fat and salt in large quantities always makes for a tasty treat.


I have created two new sandwiches for this special month. One was born from a flash of inspiration, the other from a need to use up a bunch of poached quinces.

Last night, I finally succumbed to the siren call of Lay's Kettle Cooke Wasabi Ginger potato chips, and they were everything I hoped they would be. (Someone needs to give the food chemists at Lay's a medal because they are flavor wizards.) Then it hit me: these needed to be on a tuna sandwich.

I whipped up some tuna salad, piled that on the whitest of white bread, drizzled on some sriracha, topped with chips and hugged myself tightly because I really like me in that moment.

My second sandwich involves poached quinces, because I have SO MANY poached quinces.

On this beauty, you will find: homemade cultured butter, blue cheese, poached quinces, and a single slice of ham. I enjoyed this sandwich quite a bit, but I think the quinces would work better in spread form; if you get a quince-less bite, it's a lot of salt and funk.

Now that we have shared our favorite things to put between bread, share yours! What's the best sandwich you ever ate? What was the weirdest?

Tweet me pics of sandwiches, please. @clairelizzie