Sh*t to Buy When You're Drunk, Black Friday Edition

Now's a really good time to shop for your dog.
Publish date:
November 25, 2016

You're probably reading this in some weird state of food and alcohol-induced coma from a full day of Thanksgiving, or maybe you're just dizzy — which is similar to drunk — from running around a Target when the doors opened at 6pm. Either way, the point is, you're disoriented and shit's officially on sale.

A lot of you told us in our Black Friday roundup that you'd be shopping from your couch instead of making your way out to the stores, so it's time for an official tally: Who actually left the comfort of their stretchy pants and the warmth of their home today (or will tomorrow) to get a deal?

Either way, everything you see here is on sale, no further movement required, or it will be on sale by the time this piece publishes. The other stuff is just cool and should be bought regardless of a markdown. So we'll leave you now to tell us in the comments about the thing you plan to pick up on Black Friday, or Black Thursday Night(?) if you're already shopping, or you can simply recount the awful political conversations you had around the Thanksgiving table if you so choose.

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