FRIDAY FUNDAY: BUST Magazine Tie-Dye-Tights PLUS! New and Old Favorites from Burt's Bees

The craziest fun Friday ever.
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November 4, 2011
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The office mischief we got up to this Friday was ever so slighty crazier than that time we Minxed ourselves and our sassy office manager, Jules. Today, my hands are a different color than the rest of my body and my wardrobe is changed forever. How did I get here?

WELL: Emily used to work at BUST, and she generally receives tons of new books from publicists. When she was sent the latest book from BUST (remember, 1999's New Girl Order?My copy is insanely dog eared and thumbed through), The BUST DIY Guide To Life: Making Your Way Through Every Day, I promptly pilfered it .

It was just too cute and so useful. Right away Olivia and I were drawn to "Dyer Straights" a tights-tie-dying project. We get cold easily; we wear tights a lot. Wonderful!

I informed Emily that we were going to do this project (I have yet to tell her I'm keeping the book. I will just let her edit this and she'll find out then. Hi, Em!). Emily said, "Callie wrote that piece. I know her; she's awesome."

So I wrote Callie an email and lured her into the xoJane HQ with the promise of a pizza party. Callie arrived, and before I let even one slice of pizza enter her hands, I made her tell us about the book:

Then we proceeded!

Step 1: Make sure you are well fed. If you are an Emily or a Madeline, then you know the best food is pizza.

2. Gather everything you need:

-Old garbage bins or a pot (something that can get stained and that holds liquid)

-Rubber bands

-White or light colored tights that are less than 50 percent polyester/synthetic and mostly cotton

-Rubber gloves

-Fabric dye such as Rit- one or two colors depending on how ambitious/color-loving you are (We only used Black and Mauve. Tangerine is up for grabs!)


-Plastic to cover your work area (we used garbage bags)

3. You can either accordian fold your tights from toe to crotch on each leg (securing with rubber bands) or you can tie random knots along the legs. Knots will give you stripes in those spots, while accordian folding will have a more uniform pattern on the entire leg.

4. Add water to your bins or pots. It should be very hot (nearly boiling, certainly steaming!). Add some salt, too. (Detergent is unnecessary). Put on your gloves and pour in the dye packets.

5. Submerge your tights in the color you want them to (mostly) be.

6. Stir your tights constantly with some sort of poking device that can get stained. Callie told me, "The first time I did this, I used a machete to stir. Then I got locked out of my house and the fire department had to come."

7. If you want, you can "straddle" a pair of tights across both bins for different colored legs.

8. Stir those submerged tights for 15 minutes! It's fun to pretend you are making a big pot o' stew or witch's brew.

Rinse your tights in a sink that can get stained until the water runs clear.

[We unknotted some of the knots in the pair that had been dyed black, and stuck them in the mauve real quick. Those still white areas became mauve. You can only do this if you're going from dark dye first and then to a lighter one. If you go from lighter to darker dye, you'll ruin all your hard tie-dye work.]

9. Put your tights out to dry. Let them dry for a couple hours with the rubber bands still secured and/or the knots still tied. Then unknot or untie, and lie flat until completely dry.

10. Wear that shiz! On your body! Be warm; look cool. The pair I am wearing is a result of knotting the tights; Olivia's pair is what accordian-folding will do.

During all this, Julie was off at an event (she goes to like 10 a day!) with Burt's Bees. When she came back, we ooh-ed, ahh-ed and begged her to let us try stuff. Around here, Burt's Bees is our go-to brand when we're looking for subtle, soothing and gentle skin and lip care (not to mention, it's always paraben-free!) Olivia and I tried their classy-looking Tinted Lip Balms. Olivia's lips looked naturally flushed in Rose. She loves it; she kept putting it on every five minutes and looking so naturally beautiful with her pillowy soft lips. (It only slightly annoyed my freakishly-thin-lipped self.)

I am taking home these Facial Cleansing Towlettes. I wore my Halloween costume three times in the past week ... and shamefully slept in my (heavy) makeup each of those nights. I'm putting these on my bedside table before my weekend gets going. Wish me luck!

Also, for the record, Julie sprays this on her hands every 11 seconds (which doesn't suprise me... she's a vegetable-loving germaphobe!). What does surpise me is how soft her hands still are -- probably because this product uses only 66% alcohol, and relies on the more gentle cleansing properties of Witch Hazel. Add some Aloe, and your hands are gonna be OK! Perfect for stupid cold 'n flu season.

I STILL want to know who can one-up me with the semi-rebellious stuff they do when their bosses aren't looking. Tell me stories!

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