Boozy Friday: Olympic Special!

We’re paying tribute to one of our greatest living Olympians… through the medium of GIN
Publish date:
July 27, 2012
olympics, boozy friday, london 2012, gin cocktails, ginford christie

Today we’re live at The Fringe 2012 - a pop-up members club which is situated a mere 100m from the Olympic stadium. It’s hot and sunny and we’re ridiculously excited about tonight’s opening ceremony (well, I am and I think Rebecca is too, secretly, though she won’t admit it, yet…)

So for this week’s Boozy Friday we asked Frankie from Sweet & Chilli to make us a special cocktail to mark this momentous occasion and he graciously obliged with the delicious Ginford Christie (if you’re thinking ‘Linford’s lunchbox’ right now, shame on you!)

The Ginford Christie in all its glory