Boozy Friday: Festive Special!

Last week the xoJaneUK posse girded our loins and headed over to The Luggage Room to film a very special Boozy Friday...
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December 21, 2012
Christmas, champagne, boozy friday, festive punch, luggage room

You may have gathered by now that here at xoJaneUK we're rather fond of gin. As the prospect of a totally Dry January looms (yes, I am joining Rebecca on her booze-free challenge) we decided to have one last hurrah at the newly opened Luggage Room bar in Mayfair.

Unsurprisingly, The Luggage Room is located in what used to be the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square’s luggage room and the authentic '20s-style décor pays homage to a more glamorous age, when Poirot and Jay Gatsby would clink Martini glasses while Nancy Mitford and Louise Brooks did the Charleston. Or something.

Anyway, Rebecca very quickly bustled behind the bar to take her position beside Abdul, the manager, to watch him making one of The Luggage Room’s signature drinks, a Bentley Cup. Here's the vid!

This involved Tanqueray gin, English breakfast tea, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, seasonal fruits, cucumber water, marmalade vodka (from our favourite Herefordshire brand, Chase) and champagne.

A traditional cup or punch is a refreshing alternative to wine or strong spirits - try one on Christmas Day before lunch or on New Year's Eve. Just mix whatever spirits you have with lemon juice and some other mixer (cold tea is awesome!) then shake with ice and top with champagne, prosecco or cava.

Cups, punches, cobblers and Martinis are the bar's speciality and we worked our way through the menu like troopers, soaking up the booze with the seriously delicious bar snacks (pork scratchings, melted blue cheese with toast, ohsogood).

What's your festive tipple of choice? Do you start the day with Buck's Fizz as we do in the Frangoul household before moving onto wine with Christmas dinner and then descending into a sherry-induced coma in front of the Strictly special? Share!