Forgetting My Keys Makes Me Feel Like an Idiot

Ugh, I got locked out of my apartment again.
Publish date:
July 19, 2012
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"Keys Open Doors"

Nothing makes me feel more inept than locking my keys inside of my studio apartment. Of course I only ever make this mistake when I'm on a deadline and dressed in an ancient pair of threadbare leggings, topped with my rhinestone "Bye Hater" T-shirt. What? It's comfortable! I lock my keys inside, run to Khims Millenium across from my building for grapefruit or an avocado, and when I get back to my door, eager to eat produce wearing an aggressive T-shirt, I realize I don't have my keys. I have no keys!

Key rings haven't been a coveted accessory since the Prada Robot Trick bag charm of 2005. Unless like me, you can't keep track of yours. In which case decorating your keys is more than an aesthetic choice, it's non-negotiable.

Key chain crew.

Kenzo Woven Key Ring, $135: "Is that gimp?" asked my best friend's man when he saw this luxury lanyard dangling from my keys. His question belongs in Emily's article about boyfriends and their misguided notions about clothes or in this case, accessories.

Fendi Fox Fur Pom-Pom Key Ring, $115: An update on those taxidermy foxtails everyone was affixing to their bags a few years ago, this little fluff ball is much less life-like. In a good way! Or use this as inspiration and make one yourself as craft-loving Madeline probably would.

Kaws Chum Key Chain, $25: Have you ever spent time in a Kid Robot store? When I visit the Soho location, I always leave with a handful of whimsical extras like this pink alien. Everything is just so bright and benign. Next on my wishlist? A plush donut the size of a medium dog bed.

Yummy Breakfast Key Chain, $5: More from Kidrobot. These are tiny so I would pair them with a few of the others. Fendi Fox, meet Milk Carton.

Now I'm curious, what makes you feel like a complete idiot? My runners up include wearing my underwear inside out and spilling coffee down a white shirt.

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