Open Thread: What Viral Video Are You Into Right Now?

I love New York. Only here can you meet some dude in line at a comedy show and the next week see his video blow up online.
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January 24, 2014
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It makes me happy to see truly talented people succeed. A few weeks ago I met Ryan Ashton in line at Upright Citizens Brigade, which got us to talking about comedy, and as he's a charming guy, I told him I'd watch out for his stuff.

Yesterday, imagine my surprise when I saw his "Bro's Guide to Birth Control" video splashed across HuffPo, and after some initial hesitation before watching it (I'm always afraid people who I like in person aren't going to live up to me actually liking their work), checked it out. Happy days: The video proceeded to genuinely make me laugh.

Of course, it's not the only viral video I'm vibing on right now. The other would probably be: Chill Cat is Chill. Because, duh.

Any videos you're super into lately?

Doesn't need to be new. I do love me a YouTube K-Hole! Especially on a Friday.


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