8 Twitter Bots to Make Your Feed a Happier Place

Bot, please.
Publish date:
December 5, 2016

Do you remember when people used to say "I'm not on Twitter, I don't need to know what people had for lunch"? As someone who works in social, that stuff was the bane of my existence, but you can't be that flippant about Twitter anymore (of course, some people still are, but they come around as soon as you make them an account and force them to post three times a day). Whole movements (#NODAPL, #BlackLivesMatter, the Arab Spring) have been created or organized within Twitter, and provided you have some minimal critical thinking skills and a good troll tolerance, it can be a totally legitimate source of news.

That being said, there are times when my Twitter feed is wall-to-wall news, and sometimes it's amazing (like yesterday with the DAPL announcement), but sometimes it's a slog through hot takes on horrifying news, or a million people complaining about the same article about a podcast. And that's why I love Twitter bots–they very nicely break up the monotony with something funny, pretty, kind, or all three.

⋆✵tiny star fields✵⋆

Created by Katie Rose Pipkin, this bot puts out, well, tiny star fields about once every eight hours. This is as close as I get to seeing stars in New York City, okay!?

Magic Realism Bot

I'm not saying I use these as creative writing prompts every once and a while, but I'm not not saying that, either. The tweets straddle the line between absurd and "Isn't that the plot of a George Saunders/Charles deLint/Neil Gaiman novel?"

trains botting

Don't tell Jane, who hates puns, but I originally started following this account because of its name. This was also right around the time I started watching Westworld and buying lots of turquoise jewelry, so maybe I was just really into the Wild West aesthetic trains botting usually has.

NYT Minus Context

The first tweet embedded up there was published on my birthday, and of course I read it in a state of existential panic as I exited my early-20s. Isn't technology marvelous?

here's your reminder

It is absolutely not a secret that I like self-care and making the internet a kinder, gentler place, so of course I love @tinycarebot. Plus, if you tweet at it, it'll send you a reminder in an hour to do something to take care of yourself.

Nature is Scary

I know I literally just said I wanted a kinder, gentler internet but LOOK AT THAT OWL.

Bonus: Astro Poets

Most Twitter Astrology accounts are a plague on my timeline, sending out a million tweets at the same time with bad, plagiarized Susan Miller horoscopes. Astropoets is the opposite of that–it's run by two poets, Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov, and it hits the sweet spot between wanting to hear what other people think of you (the reason everyone loves astrology) and also dragging the everloving shit out of every single sign. It's a delight. Can you tell I'm a Sagittarius?