Sh*t to Buy When You're Drunk, Reluctant Traveler Edition

If the thought of holiday travel gives you anxiety, just wait until you hear that it's happening during Mercury Retrograde this year.
Publish date:
December 18, 2016

If you're finding yourself as checked out by work as we are at this point in December, you're probably counting down the minutes until you board that bus, or plane, or train or however it is that you're traveling to get to all of your celebratory holiday things. But considering that Mercury Retrograde starts Dec 19th — just a few days before the holiday travel rush officially sets in — there will probably be flight delays, cancellations, hotel mix-ups and whatever else it can possibly affect in your future.

For this reason alone, you should probably have another shot at the bar before starting to shop this list, which the XO staff specifically put together this week with items that make travel nicer (in theory), or general niceties you can buy to spruce up your Airbnb listing for your holiday guests, should you be trying to capitalize on the fact that hotels are very overpriced at the moment.

Even if you're just staying put, all of these very-for-sale things make great gifts for yourself, because let's face it, who really ever gets the exact present they want this time of year?

So feel free to share the things here you buy to travel with, or things you may be taking to travel on a holiday vacation (whether it be a warm or cold destination), or the little things you bring with you to friends and family when you see them. Or simply share the one thing here you would never buy because it's just too damn expensive for you, along with a cheaper alternative to it should you have one.

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