RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Pinterest Recipes That Don't Suck

Yum yummity yum.
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March 3, 2015
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Hello fellow food influencers, and welcome to another Recipe of the Week (#ROTW on the social medias). I wanted to start out by extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed a dip recipe last week. These babies got me through a tough weekend of binge-watching House of Cards and Star Trek.

The most up-voted recipe was WhiskeyTangoFoxtrotAgain's Redneck Cheese Spread:

As someone with hearty redneck stock, I feel I'm authorized to say that this dip is trashy delicious. I love a salty spread, and this ball of savory goodness delivered the sodium in the best way possible. The chipped beef brings the umami while the tang of Duke's balances the salt, keeping you coming back for more. I think I ate at least half of the ball all by myself.

Your trophy WhiskeyTangoFoxtrotAgain, is "Don't Cry Genocide," the song that Pussy Riot and Le Tigre wrote for House of Cards. (Because this dip is what I shoveled in my mouth while watching House of Cards, you see.)

This week, I couldn't limit myself to just one Claire's Choice. The cheese ball had sent me on the path of "disgustingly delicious," and there was no turning back. I picked a savory and a sweet option that I felt would compliment the Redneck Spread, and made it a meal of dips.

Given my vocal support of all things brined, I bet no one is surprised that my savory choice was Pickle Dip (provided by the brilliant and talented wonkyone15) .

It's so simple, yet there are so many options. I stuck with the classic Claussen, and stirred in both pureed and chopped pickles for the ultimate Pickle Dip experience. I think it could be fun to play around with different brines and vegetables. You could throw in some bread and butter chips, or maybe some half-sours; perhaps a pickled green bean or okra.

Wonkyone15's trophy is "String Bean Jean" by Belle & Sebastian, because I'd really like to try this with pickled string beans.

Rounding out my meal of dips is something that is sweet and nostalgic, Dunkaroo Dip, provided by one of my new favorite people: sarainadream.

It's been a long time since I've had actual Dunkaroos and, honestly, I never had them much as a child. My mom wouldn't buy them so they were consumed mostly at the homes of friends.

I was a bit skeptical that the cake mix would incorporate into the Cool Whip/yogurt mixture, but it blended in beautifully.

Tragically, I couldn't find any kangaroo-shaped cookies, so I settled on vanilla cupcake-flavored Goldfish. The result was magical; this stuff really is dipable birthday cake.

Sarainadream, you did a great thing. And your trophy is "Forever and a Day" by Stephin Merritt because I want to marry this dip and be with it forever and ever.

All of three of these were delectable and photogenic. Some might even say they're "Pinterest-worthy."

Recently, I've been pinning it up on my xoJane Pinterest board, "xoClaire." It's mostly food, drinks, pretty bathtubs, pro-cake propaganda, and more food. I enjoy doing it, but sometimes the Food & Drink section of the site can be a little repetitive. How many foods can be cooked in a Crock-Pot? Must every cocktail be pink or blue? Why so many packets of Hidden Valley Ranch?

But every once in a while, I'll find something on there that really does make my life easier, prettier, or tastier. Without Pinterest, I may never have found this Nutella breakfast cereal, these mini cheese balls, or this picture of Jagger and Bowie.

If you are also on Pinterest, you probably have at least one recipe worth sharing. The recipe can be for either a food or beverage, and the winning recipes will be featured in next week's post and shared on xoJane's Pinterest board.