Everyday Is Halloween! Or Shopping for Spooky Home Goods To Use Year Round

I think the real reason I love Halloween is because of the proliferation of crazy faux-spooky things that go on sale. Skulls? Bats? Things that go bump in the night? Yes, please! I always feel the need to fill my home with these things immediately, if not sooner.
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October 2, 2012
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Shout-out to my goths!

I love Halloween. It's even more fun to celebrate it in America! The first time I saw an actual Halloween STORE I just about lost my mind. (Helpful hint: those do not exist anywhere else.)

New York City especially really goes all-out on the 31st of October. My very first sublet in the city was on Carmine Street in the West Village, with an extremely convenient view out onto Sixth Avenue, which is the exact route of the Halloween parade. Sitting on my fire escape, watching 200 people dance in unison to Thriller really cemented my need to stay in this city for a very long time.

Actually, though -- and this might come as a surprise to some -- I don't usually dress up on the 31st. Last year I dressed as Alice, which is not particularly original, but I thought the costume was cute, and my husband dressed up as Peter Venkman. He even made his own proton pack. What a boss. And a few years ago, I was a rubber nun. (Sexy blasphemy!) But mostly it is too cold to dress up. I know, I'm an old woman at heart. I would prefer to drink hot chocolate and wear a big coat.

I think the real reason I love Halloween is because of the proliferation of crazy faux-spooky things that go on sale. Skulls? Bats? Things that go bump in the night? Yes, please! I always feel the need to fill my home with these things immediately, if not sooner.

Of course, the best time to buy these things is on November 1st, when they all go on sale, but if there's something you absolutely MUST own, be sure to snap it up quickly.

I have these skull and crossbones ice trays and it makes drinking iced coffee so much more entertaining!

These ghost, vampire, black cat and pumpkin dishes could be used for a whole lot more than just eating. I'm just about to start redoing our entryway, which is hilarious since we live in Manhattan and our apartment is about the size of a jolly good closet in Kansas, but my point is that I need a cute dish for keys and one of these would probably do the trick. Especially that vampire one! I really like vampires. But not sparkly ones.

I bought skull goblets and mugs for my 27th birthday. They were a huge hit at the party and I have not-so-secretly held onto them ever since. I use one to store my makeup brushes and another to hold pens on my desk. These crystal skull shot glasses are extremely cool.

If you're good in the kitchen, maybe you could bake a skull cake! Then invite some people over to eat it, and use these creepy creatures glass markers to identify whose drink is whose! You should probably buy a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, too, and some skull-tini glasses. (Go Dan Aykroyd!)

By the way, at my aforementioned birthday, I used this skull cupcake stand. It made me really happy.

Anyone who is in the market for a set of cute salt and pepper shakers is 100% in luck! There are so many Halloweenie options. Kissing vampires, Frankenstein and his bride, and a vampire in love with his coffin are all excellent choices!

This bat tea towel and potholder set is really very cute. Apparently, that potholder is GLITTERY though I can't really see it in the image preview. The haunted patches tea towel is good too. Is "kitchen towel" an Americanism? In New Zealand, we call them "tea towels." Oh well, potato, poh-tah-to.

Oh my god. These cat, monster and pumpkin bath wraps -- a.k.a towels with HOODS! -- almost make me want to have children! Ugh, WHY do they not come in adult sizes?! The closest it gets is a skull and crossbones SNUGGIE. Would you, ever?

Of course, Target has plenty of good stuff. I am tempted to throw away all my dishes and just start over with SPOOKY ones. These poison tumblers would be first on my list, followed by bat glasses and these tall skull glasses. Target is stocking this entire range called "Wiccan Lace" -- hmmmm, how do you think Silver RavenWolf feels about that? -- which I am kind of in love with. Check out the whole thing!

There is also a poison-themed collection, so you know, pick your favorite! If you want to get really sinister, these skeleton-hand salad servers are pretty horrifying. Or how about a ghost or skull pillow?

I have a soft spot for cartoon vampires, so even though I have no idea what I would do with a vampire nutcracker holding a MUG OF BLOOD, I clearly need to own it.

You can get creepy, kooky, mysterious and ookie in bed, too. (Oh you know it, giiiiirl!) Sin In Linen do great bedding for weirdos. Set the scene with striped bed sheets, add some voodoo bones and spider web pillows, then throw a skull and crossbones duvet cover over the top. You should probably add this silver sequin blanket over the top for a hint of disco drama. Not strictly spooky, but did you really expect me to say no to a sequin blanket? Are you crazy?!

Additionally, if you have a lawn, can you please put these flamingo skeletons on it? Thanks.

So, don't leave me hangin'! Do you, like me, go wild when you see a glitter skull in the aisle? Do you deck out your entire house? What are your plans for Halloween?