Best Friends Forever: Puppy Love Edition

Does your best furry friend also have a best (furry) friend?
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May 30, 2015
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Forgive me the brevity of this week's corgi column -- I am currently running back and forth from my laptop to the front hallway trying to help the movers because...


Happily, I am not moving alone. I am bringing my bean and my guy and my cat, Chubaluffagus (his tags say Achilles), and all 1600 of our books (we counted).

Spondee is great about moving. He's done it a few times before and he even tries to help get things put into boxes.

The best part about this move (besides no longer having to commute from Philadelphia to NYC) is that we're bringing my cat, the aforementioned Chubs, with us.

Chubs was a stray that joined my family right before I left for college. He's quirky and delightful and he and Spondee have been best friends since the moment they met, as illustrated below:

Mostly, they relax outside together because when they're inside, Spondee wants to play and requests said playtime by wiggling his furpants and doing that sweet puppy lunging dance that means "play!" to dogs and means utter nonsense to cats.

Still, Chubs is tolerant of the language barrier and I'm really glad that we're making this move with two furry darlings in tow.

The saddest part of this move is that Spondee won't be seeing as much of my parents' dog, Arrow. After a contentious beginning, they became a pretty inseparable pair.

It's obvious to everyone that we will need to be making many trips back to Philly for puppy-playdates.

I'm being summoned to the moving truck, but what I want to talk to you all about this weekend is:

a) How you help your pets when a move takes them away from a very close friend.

b) What's the cutest interspecies friendship you've ever seen?

Naturally, I want to see (and squee and coo over) pictures of your pets with their friends curled up, running about, or making mischief.

While you figure out how to foil Disqus's weird attempts to post all your pet pictures upside down, I'm going to take Spondee on one last walk with his furry bestie.

Let's get to it.