RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Best Burger Edition

How have we not done this yet?
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July 16, 2015
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Welcome one and all to another sweet and salty installment of Recipe of the Week! Last week was all about frozen refreshment, and the most up-voted comment/recipe from five thousand candles was perfection in an ice pop.

[not alcoholic, sorry, but you could easily add some!]

Mint lemonade popsicles! Takes a few days, but it's totally worth it.

Make some lemonade with fresh lemons and sugar to your desired lemonade strength, then add a WHOLE BUNCH of crushed up mint. Let it sit for a day or two for maximum minty lemonade. Then make popsicles! You can strain out the mint or leave it in if you like chewing on mint leaves (that sounded gross and sarcastic, but I actually love chewing mint leaves). So delicious, so refreshing, absolutely the best.

The only difficult part about making these was trying (and failing) to find popsicle sticks. After checking two grocery stores and Target, I finally gave up and used some paper straws I had shoved in a drawer. In related news: Do not use paper straws as popsicle sticks. They are flimsy and will bend and your delicious popsicle will fall out of your hand and on to floor. Your dog will try to eat and then remember that she doesn't like lemons and you will have to throw that one away and get a new one. So. Get some real popsicle sticks.

Even with all of that stick/straw drama, I still give this experience overall high marks. They were easy to make, refreshing as all get out, and delightfully cooling and tasty. These were so delicious, I forgive the lack of alcohol! (Though they got my wheels turning and I think I'm going to add some rum and limes and make mojito pops.)

Your trophy, five thousand candles, is "Lemonworld" by The National, because once again I am feeling very literal.

Next topic.

The world seems to be aflutter with Burgermania. I guess people are excited about grilling season, but I swear there have been at least three separate "burger weeks" in the past two months. And the opinions! So many self-righteous diatribes on the "right way" to enjoy a burger. (I love Momofuku and all but Chang is off his tits with some of these points in his "manifesto.")

I mean, obviously I would be against strict burger rules; remember my Doughnut Burger? How do you like me now, Chang? Where do doughnuts fit in your rules? What about grilled cheese sandwich buns? What about FREEDOM and ART?

The beauty of burgers is how many ways there are to eat them. Make your patty thick or thin, play around with cheeses, or put an egg on it! Each burger is special, like a rare and delicate flower, and I would hate to limit myself to one type.

So let's celebrate the burger in all of its many iterations, my friends, by sharing our favorite burger recipes of all time. This a burger safe space of no judgment, where all types of patties and buns and toppings are embraced with open arms. (Yes, even veggie; vegetarians deserve burgers too.)