The xoJane Real Girl Belly Project -- 75 Strong, Beautiful Non-PhotoShopped Bellies

Flat, flabby, hairy, pregnant, scarred, pierced and tattooed -- we've got bellies!
Publish date:
November 25, 2011
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When I sent out the request for belly photos last week, you guys immediately turned my inbox into a non-stop belly parade. I so enjoyed seeing your bellies and hearing your stories of belly acceptance, and I'm even more excited to show you the gallery. It's mesmerizing, isn't it?

It's the day after Thanksgiving, when a lot of people are traditionally lamenting the state of their bellies, but I hope that you'll click through these 75 real girl bellies and cut yourself a little slack. Viva la belly!

UPDATE: For a second gallery full of even more amazing of bellies, CLICK HERE.