Three Fantastic-Smelling Bath Products to Banish Your Post-Holiday Blues

I have a mild case of the New Year Blues, which I've been fighting off with wonderfully scented new bath products. You're welcome to join me (but please use your own tub, dude).
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January 3, 2012
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I woke up a couple of days ago to find that my husband had already de-ornamented, broken down, and packed up our (big, fluffy, white and fake) Christmas tree while I was sleeping. He was trying to be helpful -- and while of course I do consider anything that saves me time and effort to be a nice gesture -- I was still weirdly crushed.

I love that damn tree. I love twinkle lights and glitter-coated pinecones and fresh evergreen wreaths and I even love stupid-ass Christmas music. I love the piles of presents (giving and getting!), dressing my dog in humiliating theme sweaters, and drinking Silk nog. I'm not ready for this time to be over.

My reaction? Hop in the bath (or take a long shower) and pretend none of it is happening. Here are the products that have been getting me through these Tuff Times™.

LUSH's Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

People either love LUSH or they hate it, but I'm a longtime, diehard fan of their products. Many years ago I lived in Seattle, and would regularly take roadtrips up to Canada to shop there (before they had any U.S. stores). The exchange rate was pretty favorable then, and I would load up on several bags full of LUSH's heavily-scented handmade bath products that would last me for months.

Nowadays, there are LUSH shops in 35 states here in the U.S., so their stuff is a lot easier to get ahold of. And even though I now have to pay spendy American prices, it's totally worth it. Nothing smells quite like a LUSH shop, you know from a block away that you're close to one. This can be overwhelming to those with sensitive sniffers -- a group that usually includes me -- but for some reason I revel in it.

ANYWAY! LUSH's bath melts are genius. Big chunks of skin-soothing powdered herbs (in this case: chamomile, marigold, and marshmallow) and natural scents mixed with cocoa butter and various oils, you drop 'em into the tub where they melt away and turn the water into what I'm pretty sure is some kind of magical potion.

Bath melts don't produce big, cartoonish-sized bubbles or anything -- it's not bubble bath -- but you can definitely feel your skin being pampered as you soak. The Mmm Marshmallow Moment bath melt turns the water candy pink, and smells like a mix of creamy vanilla, sweet and fruity pastries, with a subtle undercurrent of musk. That might sound a little gross but it's actually AMAZING.

California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash

Although my friends might disagree if you asked them privately, I am not a baby. But nevertheless, I absolutely adore this body wash aimed at infants (and, as the packaging proclaims, "sensitive adults"). See, I'm not a whiny, immature jerk, I'm "sensitive"! Suck it!

I first discovered this bodywash when I moved into my current apartment several years ago. The previous tentants were friends of mine who did have a baby, and they left a bottle of this stuff in the shower. Of course I tried it, and it was love at first huff. The blend of lavender and clary sage oils has a wonderfully relaxing effect, and makes you smell oh so clean.

Since this is a "California" baby product, you can rest assured that the ingredients are organic and sustainably produced, maaaan.

Whiffs of Whimsy's Holla! Black Licorice Body Wash/Shower Gel

I am fully expecting several xoJane readers to "head for zee hills" when they see that title -- black licorice? Eeew!! I know a lot of people can't stand the stuff, but I am one of those freaks who totally digs black licorice. If I'm eating jellybeans and I come across a black one I'm THRILLED. I like the black gumdrops too. Basically, the stuff you probably throw out from a mixed-candy bag -- those are my faves.

Hence, I was very intrigued when I came across this body wash at a craft fair just before the holidays. I spent a lot of time snorting Whiffs of Whimsy's various scents and they are extremely true to life (especially the Pancakes & Syrup and Chocolate-Dipped Oranges scents!), but it was definitely the Black Licorice that struck my personal fancy.

What is black licorice, really? The flavor is anise -- and it makes a delicious scent, especially the way it's been paired with a hint of vanilla. It's an unusual scent and one I totally savor.

Have you guys disovered any new (or new-to-you) bath products over the holidays? What are you doing to get rid of the "UGH, A NEW YEAR ALREADY?!" grumps?