What Band or Singer Were You Embarrassingly Obsessed With "Back in the Day"?

Or what is your music obsession now? Maybe you're still "in the day."
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March 7, 2016
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In my late teens and early 20s I was obsessed with an "alt-country" rock band called the Old 97's. Ever heard of them? If you watch The Walking Dead their song "If My Heart Was a Car" was playing on the radio a couple episodes ago as Daryl and Rick were driving back to Alexandria.

Anyway, they were my EVERYTHING. Not only did I see every single one of their shows in Dallas, Denton, Ft. Worth, Austin, and St. Louis (when I was in college), as well as learn the lyrics and backstory of ALL of their songs, I was also one of "those" fans who made it my business to say "hi" to the band members at every chance. At some point it went beyond waiting for them after shows with my partner-in-crime, Amy. Eventually, we found ourselves attempting to ingratiate ourselves into their lives. It didn't work, but we thought we were cool.

We were not cool. We were annoying and creepy.

Oh good GAWD, I can't believe myself.

Amy and I knew people who knew them, so we'd find ways to conveniently be at the same place as them at every chance. I'm sure we stuck out as the tall, pretty, confident brunette and her nervous Chinese sidekick. While I wanted so badly to be NEAR the band, I was self-conscious and practically silent whenever I was.

I have to admit that the Old 97's were always very kind and appropriate with us. Even when we were awkwardly smooshed into a bar booth with the lead singer and his friend (how did we get there?), trying WAY TOO HARD to be indifferent and "...whatever", we were never made to feel stupid or like dumb kids.

I knew it had gone too far when Amy and I found ourselves at the lead singer's WEDDING RECEPTION at a local bar favored by Dallas musicians. Again, we knew someone who was a friend of his, and that guy let us into the celebration. WHY???

Thankfully, we spent the evening trying to "play it cool" (OK, I spent the evening sweating profusely), but did not go near the actual party. After that, I put an end to my insane groupie behavior.

In retrospect those years were a blast and actually pretty harmless (I hope). Amy was fearless, and because of her, I learned to take risks.

But EGADS, I participated in some ridiculous shenanigans.

So tell me, what band or artist was your EVERYTHING? Who did you follow around? What crazy or bizarre stuff did you pull to be near your idols?

Did you ever crash a wedding reception?