Au Revoir xoJane

It's goodbye from me...
Publish date:
September 27, 2013

Dear xoJaners, this is the last you'll be reading from me for a while (though not for good I hope! [And I hope more! --Jane]) as I'm finishing up my duties to take on a new project which will take me offline for the foreseeable future.

I've absolutely loved the experience of writing for such an engaged, intelligent, hilarious audience and have valued all your comments and feedback so much. From suggestions for my next DVD boxed set (I’ll definitely be giving Bramwell a go, thank you @whatkaitedid!) to sympathy and support for my various fringe-related woes, it’s felt really good to be part of the xoJane community. And I will continue to be part of it, just as a reader and commenter instead of awriter for the time being.

In the meantime you will continue to be entertained, informed and moved by the amazing writing of the rest of the xoJane team who I truly believe are doing something quite unique and really rather special in the digital landscape.

So this isn't goodbye for good, and I look forward to popping up on xoJane again in the future!

Lots of love