Our Twitter! Our Tumblr! And Other Various Social Accounts For Your Interaction Pleasure...

Get in 'dem!
Publish date:
September 2, 2011
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Oh Hey, readers. We're close, right? I mean, we've shared some pretty intimate things with you, and Emily showed you her boobs. So why aren't you following our social accounts? We gots:

FACEBOOK: Duh. This one is where we share most of our behind-the-scene pics, videos and daily musings, photos of our overweight cats, etc. And where you can weigh in on content you'd like to see and questions you'd like us to ask celebrities.

TWITTER: Follow us @xojanedotcom and follow our editors and writers like @msemilymccombs, @52stations and @cat_marnell. That last one gets pretty weird.

TUMBLR: YAY! Tumblr is a magical land of procrastination/inspiration; follow us! Please pardon our lack of slick, personalized xoJane tempate. You know how some Tumblrs are just...RAW?

PINTEREST: We already went over this one. It makes me feel more organized in life; it's the perfect addiction.

YOUTUBE: Too pretty for homework, and just wanna watch videos? Here, you'll find every video that ever went up on xoJane.

Look, we know you already follow that weird guy you slept with one time, so we have to be better than that, right?