Wherever You Are in the World, You Can Call This Social-Savvy Wide Open Thread Your Internet Home

Are you on/planning/going on vacation?
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June 24, 2016
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Once again, all of us at xoJane are all over the country. Jane is in LA, Dan is in Nantucket, Amber is on her way to the Catskills, and Marci and Caitlin are scattered throughout Brooklyn, staying cool as best they can. But while we may be technically out of office [which allows me to write multiple emails with the subject line OOO, one of my fave abbreviations —Jane], we're all still very much here in Open Thread and, always, here at xoJane. However, we are also, admittedly, at all these places too:


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Rufus approves of Vinnie's new bench. #turtlepower

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Hey @thirdrailbeer, this was v v nice.

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Life is random, isn't it? (Maybe you disagree.) However random or preordained or destined your life and life in general may be, it can't possibly be as absolutely all-over-the-place as these random questions that are here for your viewing, answering, ignoring, or expanding-upon pleasure:

What's one big or little decision you're making this week (and which way are you going on it)?

Did you do anything out of the ordinary for National Selfie Day? Does the idea of National Selfie Day make you sick?

What's the last thing you memorized?

Have you ever dug anything out of the garbage?

Do you set deadlines for yourself?

What's one thing you've learned (this week or in school or just now) that you wish you didn't know?

Do you use credit cards?

Are you in the midst of any dilemmas that you could use advice on?

Do you only answer random questions when they relate to your life specifically or do you always (or never) answer them?

Should we stop asking random questions?

Now, tell us where in the world you are (or where you're going or where you've been) in the comments, in pictures, GPS coordinates, or good old-fashion comments. Share, with us and each other, anything that you've been thinking about lately, what you're reading, who you've been spending time with or who you're avoiding, what's on your weekend to-do list and what you've accomplished or neglected or wish you've accomplished (or neglected) this week.

Whatever time zone you're in, whatever you're reading this on, and whatever day you choose to join us, we want to hear what you have to say. Random, pointed, serious, gif-expressed, or sentimental, it's all welcome here.

Give updates on what's happened during the week, what's happened lately that annoyed you, what you're stressed about, what you're excited about, and what you can't — for the life of you — figure out. Ask for advice on something big or little or just update us on your family, love life, parrot, favorite new recipe, etc. etc. etc.

If you're a regular here, if you've never commented before, if you're shy, or if you're sullen, or overjoyed, welcome to this week's Open Thread that is always all yours and all about all the things happening in your sweet, sweet life.