Another COTW Sponsored By You -- Our Awesome Commenters

I hope you'll totally link to your favorite comments from this week.
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November 23, 2014
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Another week, another note from the past, the little time capsule of messages that I have prepared. I am certain I have missed you and all of xoJane. As I am prepping to leave, one of my most uttered phrases has been, "And then I have to finish that for xoJane." So I am pretty sure it's been weird to take an entire two weeks off from it.

If everything went according to schedule, I got back to New Orleans on the 21st. I'm probably in transit, or maybe I'm home now -- it depends on how I'm electing to get home. I haven't made those plans yet (which is freaking me out a little but I'm sure it's going to be great) so who knows.

I appreciate your patience during this adventure for me -- I know it's not the usual way things are done. And now I hope you'll totally link to your favorite comments from this week. That's comments you've read and comments you've left -- because I want to read them when I get back to a computer. What have I missed, xoJane commenters? What do I need to look back over and make sure I catch up on?

And what's going on with you? What have I missed? Tell me what you're looking forward to this week! I'm looking forward to getting back to work and then to Thanksgiving. (I also don't have plans for that yet but this is the new spontaneous me, right?)

(The new spontaneous me is, honestly, probably not going to last very long.)

I'll leave you with one of my very favorite pictures of Ed and Freya, which is another picture I have taken with me in an effort not to feel homesick.