Accidental Internet Find: The Celebrity Cake Art of I_Was_a_Lid

Tupac is alive! ( chocolate buttercream.)
Publish date:
November 9, 2011
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I've been doing a fun thing on Facebook where I try to find a sweet-ass photo of a cake to post on someone's wall in lieu of birthday greetings. (Try Google image searching "[Your Friend's Name]" and "cake" and see what comes up. My friend Jim got some pretty baller Phantom of the Opera fondant.) Having a lot of Facebook friends (very popular), I find myself almost daily on on, which is like DeviantArt with frosting. These people are serious about cakes and will not hestitate to tell you that yours looks JANKY. The commenters of Cake Central make the gentle snarking of Cake Wrecks look like enthusiastic praise. Think: if Betty Crocker joined the Latin Kings.

This is where I discovered user i_was_a_lid . i_was_a_lid is notable not only for his/her prediliction for cakes shaped like celebrities, but his/her creative use of frosting to capture their essences. Observe:

The descriptions are almost delicious as i_was_a_lid's buttercream is in my dreams.

But this mysterious Sweet Genius's talents aren't limited to people -- there are also ones dedicated to zoo animals, "LOST" and the metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada.Who are you, mysterious stranger/cake Leonardo? Please email me and/or fill me with frosting.

Check out i_was_a_lid's creations, or visit the celebrity-and-movie inspired cakes section of Cake Central if you really want to Internet k-hole. Happy birthday to us all.