8 Things That I NEED In My Kitchen RIGHT NOW

About twice a year, I have this urge to throw away all of my crap and buy new, streamlined crap that is all very minimalist and goes together.

About twice a year, I have this urge to throw away all of my crap and buy new, streamlined crap that is all very minimalist and goes together. This urge usually surfaces after reading Martha Stewart LIVING or REAL SIMPLE or a similar publication.

Other times, I have the urge to keep all of my current stuff and just buy MORE STUFF AND THINGS. Sometimes this urge is room specific, like guest bathroom. Sometimes there is a theme, like home brewing. Sometimes it is just stuff that will make me prettier.

Right now it's kitchen-themed. SHOCKING. But since I am moving soonish, I have decided that for every item I buy, I must throw away an item from the same room. Not that I'm going to buy everything on this list; some of it is pricey. This is a wish list. Or something my family can reference when my birthday approaches. (It's in August just so everyone is aware.)

What I want: First and foremost, this SANDWICH CAKE PAN.

What I will throw out: All of the Tupperware that is missing lids (so basically all of the Tupperware).

I'm usually not that huge on novelty cake pans because I can't decorate for crap. Sure, the cake will start out looking like a skull, but once I'm done frosting it, it will look like that fresco of Jesus that one lady "fixed."

But the sandwich cake is so simple, even I couldn't make it look like something else. The pan does all the work! If you can make a sandwich, you can make this cake.

And you know I can make a sandwich.

What I want: On a more elegant note, this enamel baking set.

What I will throw out: All of the random glass bowls left behind by party guests.

Look at how muted and adult it looks! Look at how it all nests together so perfectly! It's dishwasher safe, oven safe, and since it's porcelain fused to heavy-gauge steel, relatively Claire safe.

What I want: This cutting board that makes sure you always have a big enough pie crust.

What I will cast from the kitchen and never speak of again: The plastic cutting board that I stabbed a hole in this morning while trying to chop a frozen banana.

I am forever rolling out dough into weird, non-circular shapes. I don't even know how I do it. I'll be rolling it out, thinking it looks circular, only to place it in the pie dish and find out that NOPE it's really more of rounded trapezoid. This board would keep me on track.

What I want: Educational kitchen towels that teach you neat facts about wine pairing, nutrition, and cocktails.

What I will banish: All of the faded holiday-themed towels with burn marks on them.

Not only are these towels neat looking, they can totally help you impress people. Imagine you're hosting a cocktail party, and some requests a drink that you're not quite sure how to make. EASY. You just knock over a glass of water, grab your Classic Cocktail towel, and read the instructions while mopping up your mess.

What I want:Copper mugs for Moscow Mule's.

What I will reject: Cheap Hurricane glasses that I never use.

I know that there's a whole spiel about the pure copper maintaining a lower temperature for longer, but I just want these because they are so pretty. Copper is one of my favorite things to look at. If my current, red KitchenAid mixer ever breaks I'm buying this baby.

What I want: A coffee mug every Twin Peaks fan should have.

I love the font. I love the reference. I love coffee.

What I will break to make room: EVERY. SINGLE. CHICKEN. MUG.

We, as a household, are currently in possession of way too many coffee mugs. It doesn't help that we collect Starbucks City Mugs (and now family members have started getting them for us), but I think the the real solution to this mug overpopulation issue is to just trash all these damn chicken mugs. I hate them. They are tacky and I hate them.

Resolved: whether or not I buy the Twin Peaks mug, I'm vanquishing those chicken mugs.

What I want: This artichoke vase would make my whole kitchen look healthier.

What I will dispose of: Random vases that came with delivered flowers.

I am dying over this extremely detailed artichoke vase. I love artichokes, but always forget that I have it within my power to buy and cook them. This would help remind me!

What I want: The equipment to start making my own pasta.

What I will throw out: The Magic Bullet that my college roommate broke.

Dried pasta has been me bumming out, as of late. And, if you think about it, it's surprising that I don't already make my own pasta.

If I end up sucking at making fresh pasta, I can always use the pasta maker for rolling out Sculpey and the drying rack for necklaces or something.

So there is my greedy list of things I want in my kitchen right this instant. I doubt I will end up with all of these treasures. Either way though, I've identified a lot of junk that I can get rid of.