5 (Of Many) Reasons To Love Woman's World Magazine

The title of this magazine could officially be "God Bless America: Woman's World: A Great Week Made Easy."
Publish date:
August 15, 2011
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As a 23-year-old Manhattanite who wears blue mascara and drinks whiskey, maybe I don't fall into the primary demographic of the $1.79 weekly supermarket rag, Woman's World. But that doesn't mean I don't love it. My mom, a pretty chic lady who wears clothes from small Lower East Side designers and swims at Asphalt Green, also digs it and got me into reading it. Her sister, who worked in Congress on Capitol Hill and is an advanced yoga practioner, got HER into it. It's classy, OK?

The inspiring true stories of good neighborly deeds, the natural cures for small ailments, the kooky, daring recipes: these are just some of myriad reasons why this magazine rules! It is wildly unpretentious, and reader contributions make up a large part of its content. There's also a page called "My Guardian Angel: Readers Share Their Stories..." It's so sweet!

One of the reasons why I work at and love xoJane (and Jane!) is because I feel that above and beyond anything else we want our readers to FEEL GOOD. Woman's World has such a similar message -- just a different demographic. I'm not saying that this publication does NOT err on the side of heteronormativity and eurocentrism (and a little bit of crash dieting), because it sure does. But a lot of things do! And they're not nearly as inspring nor as useful. Here are some of the reasons why you should love Woman's World:

1. Money Saving Tips That Will Actually Save You Money

2. Natural Cures And Simple, Sane Health Advice

3. DARING, Rich, All-American Recipes

4. Inspirational Stories

5. Reader Participation: Last but not least, you can send in your stories, or a funny thing a kid of yours said, or a cute picture of your pet. If they use it, they'll give you $250 for stories, and $50 for shorter pieces/ photos. That is SO chill, don't you think?

Do you also love this magazine or some other all-American supermarket publication?