5 Things I'm Obsessed With Right Now: Sunshine, Lana Del Rey, And Other Vices

I haven't forgotten Sylvia Plath (she's on here too). Let's get obsessed.
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August 15, 2015
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Have you finished Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953?

I haven't.

Don't make me feel bad about it. I've done my absolute best to squeeze Sylvia into my every day, but as you can probably guess there's been lots and lots going on in the office. In leu of discussing Lady Lazarus's stint at Mademoiselle, I'm offering up five things I can't stop watching, reading, and slathering all over myself. Sylvia's here (#3!) like I promised.

1. ESPA Cooling Body Moisturiser

Begrudgingly, but with good reason, I protect my skin from the sun. However, I refuse not to be exceptionally languid as often as possible and beachside bronzing under a thin veil of SPF. Post-sunniest-sunny-sunshine, ESPA Cooling Body Moisturiser transforms my skin from desert parched to breezy as a wind through a field of wild peppermint (which I am also coincidently obsessed with).

This almost-gel/very nearly body butter is obsession worthy because it does exactly what all aftersun products should do -- it soothes without feeling too slick (aloe vera gel, I'm looking at you), soaks in easily, and has enough menthol to give you the Peppermint Patty sensation without the burn of similar minty gels and lotions.

2. Lana Del Rey's "High By The Beach"

I was so on board with Born to Die (2012). I was smitten with her earlier stuff - Jealous Girl, Serial Killer, et al. Slowly, that love faded. I gritted my teeth through Paradise. I tried, I really tried, with Ultraviolence, but the magic was gone.

Then, Lana Del Rey reemerged with the "High on the Beach" single and accompanying music video. I watched it again and again. I watched it today. I still cannot decide if the sparse, almost-camp but not quite camp is an aesthetic choice or a budget-influenced decision. Jia Tolentino over at The Muse gets me. She had the same questions about the helicopter.

My heart can only take so much breathy crooning and explosives, but I'm going to watch it again right now just to make sure.

3. Plath's Poetry & Other Plath-ish Things

I am comfortable admitting to you that my designated book readiest time (on my commute like literary everyone ever) has been split between our book club book and Plath's own work. Whoever fell in love with Plath in high school or college because she like gets me. Her pain is my pain. She articulates my angsty bone deep sorrow raise your hand.


So, I've returned to the best of Sylvia Plath's best and a craft collection drawn into her glimmering confessional poetry orbit:

4. Brown Mascara

I usually reach for blackest black mascara. I have, until this very point in my life queried, what's the point then? when I see "brown" on a tube of mascara. But then, I had an epiphany and by epiphany I mean I forgot to bring mascara to work on the day of an evening co-worker lobster cruise excursion. Marci let me raid the beauty closet and the brown mascara options were way more my speed than the blackest black ones.

I was most enamored with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara (in Deep Brown, naturally) and Lo! my normal eyes became my most doest of doe eyes and arguably even more so because I could apply mascara to my lower lash without looking sidewalk mime garish. Guess who is now a ride or die brown mascara girl forever. #Thisbitch

5. Apps to Organize My Scattered Life

The random spiraling of this list may have already clued you into the fact that I'm a bit scattered. I need structure or everything unravels.

I prefer my structure to be easily accessible -- stuck to the refrigerator or a touch away on my cell phone. Whether it's keeping track of finances, kicking bad habits, what's for dinner, or my period, I like my phone to guide me through my habitual messiness.

My darlingest weekend darlings, what has you moon-eyed and swooning this week?

While I don't expect you to share as many as I did, I expect a few something-somethings to vigorously nod and/or squee over with you in the comments. By the by, If one of your answers is gingery baguette shaped camera hogs, here's the bean to feed your obsession:

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