3 Reasons This Is My Favorite Thing I've Bought For Us This Holiday Season - What's Yours?

We haven't even hit the holiday shopping big leagues of December yet but I am already ready to call this my favorite selfish purchase.

During the year, I try to avoid doing much random shopping. This can be more difficult to stick to during the holiday season though, when it's easy to get overwhelmed by how much cool STUFF exists. And when my household has a genuine need and there's cool stuff, well. Let's just say it's a little harder to resist coming home from a holiday supply run without also having something small for me and Ed or the pets.

That's how we wound up with what is already my favorite selfish purchase of the holiday preparatory season and we haven't even hit the big leagues of December yet: The Biddef Heated Quilt Pad.

To be fair, we did genuinely need a new mattress pad. But did we need one that heats the two sides of the bed to individually chosen temperatures when we live in Florida and already sleep under a down alternative because I am cold natured?

Possibly not but it has proven to be worth every penny of it's $79.99 (for the queen size) price tag. And you know I'm going to tell you why.

1. Individual controls

I always laugh at those Sleep Number bed commercials where they talk about selecting the firmness of the bed for each side -- but it's actually really something to consider if you've got two people in a bed with wildly different comfort requirements.

Ed runs hot and I run cold and life is better when we can both sleep comfortably through the night. During the summer, we crank the AC down to 72 so it's cold enough at night for him and I can pretty well deal with that. But during Florida's winter, he likes to sleep with the window open and that can mean nighttime temperatures of the 40s and 50s.

Being able to turn up the heat on my side of the bed means he can enjoy the Arctic air and I can actually relax enough to stop shivering and get some rest.

2. Heat Savings

We have central heat and air but the house we live in is old and poorly insulated. Heat just flies out of it. Even if I got Ed to close the bedroom window, to heat our bedroom would mean turning up the heat so much that our winter utility bill cost as much as our summer utility bill. (I know through experience.)

Having the heated mattress pad means we can set the heat at a much lower temperature. This is the same reason people use quilts and electric blankets, but I like the mattress pad better than an electric blanket because some people are blanket thieves and your mattress pad probably isn't going anywhere.

3. Preheat

The other problem with using plain old extra blankets is that you still have to get into a chilly bed and then wait for it to warm up while your teeth clatter and you fantasize about moving back to actual tropical climates (maybe that's just me). This mattress pad has a preheat function that you can turn on as bedtime approaches; by the time you're ready for bed, the bed is ready for you as well.

Overall, I'm sleeping better and more comfortably, which is important for all of us. The only drawback is that I'm learning just how much it sucks to climb out of a nice warm bed and into the chilly morning air -- because I do still have to get out of bed in the mornings.

What's your favorite recent purchase? Do you find stuff for yourself when you're supposed to be shopping for other people?