It's A Very Halloweeny COTW

Check out your comments, because your comments are awesome.
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November 2, 2014
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Happy November 2nd! Ed (my husband for readers who are unfamiliar) and I cobbled together a couple of lo-fi, last-minute costumes (Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads and Steve Rogers) for a Saturday night shindig. It's been a while since we've had a chance to go to a party like that and it was much needed.What about you? Was last night a party night for you as well?

It also got super super cold, at least by Florida standards, so this weekend has definitely been an exercise in remembering how to layer and wear a jacket, too.

Perhaps these awesome Comments of the Week will help to keep us all warm.

First, from commenter Louise on "OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Show Me Your Costumes, Duh!":

Thanks for sharing this with us, too! Because I think the xoPeople know how to appreciate a light-up unicorn horn.

My personal favorite comment is also from the costume thread, from commenter softcastlemccormick -- because I love Star Trek:

Basically, check out ALL of the amazing costumes you posted. It's so great.

Freya was a skeleton dog. Her costume glowed in the dark. For, uh, safety. And also because glow-in-the-dark stuff is cool.

Have a great week! I'm so glad you spent your time with me this weekend -- and I look forward to spending next weekend with you, too.