10 Shockingly Easy Costume Ideas From ’90s Movies

Nothing protects you from the splash of a well-aimed egg to the face like knowing you spent no more than twenty minutes getting your costume sorted.
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October 31, 2014

Attention Halloween costume procrastinators: stick with us for a minute. People who go balls to the wall with their Halloween costumes deserve trophies. But for the rest of us, the slackers, ’90s movies offer up iconic looks that you can easily throw together at the last minute.

Nothing protects you from the splash of a well-aimed egg to the face like knowing you spent no more than twenty minutes getting your costume sorted. That’s when the people who spent hours building a flawless Holly Golightly updo for their tiaras will regret all the time they spend on prep.

Even the lazy can win Halloween thanks to movies like Pulp Fiction, Cry Baby, and Exotica. With some minor closet digging, borrowing, or Goodwill rummaging, you can look like these (hopefully) instantly recognizable characters. Save yourself from the hordes at Ricky’s and go with one of these ten easy options.

1. Vicki in Reality Bites (1994)Her tomato red lip, her oddball sunglasses and her tiny bangs are excellent, but they’re not even necessary. Just wear basic denim everything, print out a GAP name tag and feign enthusiasm.

2. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction (1994)Putting together this “experimental” jokester’s look is pretty painless. You know you have an oversized tailored white shirt lying around and someone SOMEWHERE has to look business casual in slacks for something. The polished black bob is really the only thing you need to buy a wig for. Bumming a cigarette for this look is extra credit, as is blood dripping from your nostrils.

3.Mary in There’s Something About Mary (1999)Wear a red dress and run some super strong hair gel through your do for that added jizz boost and you’re set.

4. One of Samson a.k.a., Mr. Nice Guy’s henchwomen from Half Baked (1998)Just find some animal prints and tie them so you’re distractingly naked. Work your hair into…something. Wear some vintage gold, be stoic, and you’re in the zone

5. Cry-Baby from Cry-Baby (1990)Slick back your hair except for one lone seductive tendril and wear a leather jacket over a white t-shirt. In pictures, make sure you use this expression that sends goodie two shoes into endless euphoria. That way, no one will dare ask you if you’re The Fonz.

6. The guys from Cher’s generation in Clueless (1995)You thought we’d have you rewire your hair to look like the Monet that is Amber, but you have too many obligations to blow off. Procure some baggy pants that don’t fit well, throw on an unwashed t-shirt with as many colors of the rainbow as possible. Then just mess up your hair or don’t unmess it up, and top it off with a backwards cap. Showering discouraged.

7. Vivian from Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) This is the essential slacker Halloween look. Wear any of the following 1) a striped shirt fit for an eleven-year-old boy, 2) white lacey bra with a fuzzy sweater or otherwise ’90s shirt not quite all the way on, 3) skip undereye concealer and curl your hair although no one can nail her DGAF tendrils. If it’s not too annoying, drape a hair dryer over yourself like in the movie and call it a day.

8. Violet from Bound (1996)Go as the powerful mobster’s girlfriend who takes up a lesbian lover. All that’s required is an LBD, the appropriately schemey vibe, and some restraint accessories.

9. Christina from Exotica (1994)Find someone with a dark plaid schoolgirl skirt and a open white blouse. If your questionable friend circle is all out of schoolgirl below-the-knee skirts, just tape a half-open robe to yourself. This is about a thrill ride in a Canadian nightclub so it’s vital to look a little nuts.

10. Nancy from The Craft (1996)Because you should already own a black shirt dress, knee socks, flatforms, dark lipstick and a choker that doubles as some sort of bewitching talisman. If you don’t, it’s a look that holds up so it’s worth it. We’ve even got you covered with a tutorial.

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