10 Reasons Why: You Shouldn't Get Drunk at the Work Christmas Party

Rebecca will be watching this video multiple times before her work Christmas party tonight...
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December 6, 2012
10 reasons why, emily hartridge, Work Christmas Party

This video needs very little explanation but basically if you don't want to tell you boss you actually think she's slapper, throw up in front of your colleagues OR sleep with the toilet cleaner, then DO NOT get drunk at your work xmas party

[Clearly this is a topic very close to my heart. It's our work Christmas party tonight, and I will be employing a series of tactics suggested by you to ensure that this doesn't happen to me. I'll report back tomorrow morning. Or afternoon, depending on how sucessful I am... --Rebecca]

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ALSO, if you have anymore tips for Rebecca to stop her being a Christmas party lunatic, please leave them below, she really needs some help (not sure why I'm writing about myself in the third person, you all know it's me...) .