We Made a "Beauty Powder" Mess for Lunch Today

...because Amber can't figure out how to close a blender (bottle).
Publish date:
February 23, 2016
Live Stream, Beauty Powder, Mixed Drinks, Lunch Break, Facebook Live

If our first Facebook live stream taught us anything, it's that we all hate how we look on camera, we need a safe-word so we can bail on filming ourselves, and Amber has a hard time with lids.

And yet, we kind of love this new totally-natural-and-not-at-all-enforced-by-the-powers-that-be Facebook Live Stream thing. We're getting the hang of it. We're learning.

We've learned that Dan says "literally," literally all the time, that Amber can't stop grimacing, and that Marci's mom think she looks "really tired" in these videos.

Observe our inability to keep it together in the video below and save us from ourselves by offering blender-ball alternative video ideas for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...