I Put Cranberry Sauce on Literally Everything: What's Your Weird Condiment of Choice?

I don't even see the point of making a quesadilla anymore if I don't have the CS. (I don't really call it the CS.)
Publish date:
June 23, 2016
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When I lived in Los Angeles a billion years ago I fell in love with the Thanksgiving Waffle plate at that esteemed hipster eatery in Hollywood, The Waffle.

At the time I still ate meat and thought I could still eat gluten. Sometimes I miss that gal, she was fun at parties. (Though in my defense, I rarely go to parties now, so who knows? I might still be fun!)

Anyway, the Thanksgiving Waffle was a big, crisp waffle with turkey breast, gravy,mashed potatoes, and a side of cranberry sauce. The kind with whole cranberries in it.

To this day, even though I don't eat land animals (or sea mammals), the Thanksgiving Waffle is one of the most satisfying things I've ever eaten. It was nostalgia in my mouth.

And while I don't and can't eat most of things on the that plate anymore, what has stuck with me has been cranberry sauce. The Waffle reminded me that cranberry sauce is the sauce that keeps on giving the whole year round.

More than just a holiday season sauce, it makes a dish for me. I've been known to bellow, "WHAT'S THE POINT?!" from the kitchen if I don't have cranberry sauce to put on my quesadilla.

Or my rice and beans.

Or my pad thai.

Or my grilled cheese sandwich.

On my grilled halloumi cheese.

Or my chili shrimp.

On my open faced egg and cheese sandwich.

On Fritos.

Or my deep fried anything.

Try it as the "J" in your PB&J.

And while I enjoy the occasional treat of the FANCY cranberry sauce from Marks & Spencer, I'm NOT above the kind that slurps out of the can and retains that delicious can shape. Isn't that how cranberries are found in the wild?

So that's what I put on everything. That and yellow mustard. But not at the same time. Well, sometimes at the same time. I like what I like.

What do you like? What is your unusual condiment of choice? What is the thing you've found makes almost EVERYTHING you eat better?

Tell us! I will try as many of your suggestions as I can stomach! (Did this post just become, "What Can We Make Ol' Louise Eat?")