That One Drink That Is Deceptively Easy to Guzzle

What's your favorite, super drinkable, "this-probably-doesn't-really-have-booze-in-it-oh-wait-it-does" beverage?
Publish date:
May 21, 2016
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Hi everyone, and welcome back to a real stiff edition of That One Drink. Last week we discussed those beverages we had to train ourselves to like, and the winner — brought to us by Sweatpants4Life — was quite the doozy:

Tucker Death Mix. It's Everclear, Redbull, and Gatorade. It's awful and will probably kill you, but on the bright side, I was a lot of fun in college.

I mean. Wow. First of all, who is this Tucker, and is he still alive? (According to barbie_must_die, he is, so there's that.)

I had actually never ingested Everclear before, so this was an adventure. It took a whiff before mixing this "cocktail" up, and it smelled like burning and (unsurprisingly) this one frat bar in Gainesville called "Balls." I don't know that ratios are important here, but I did 1 ounce of Everclear, 2 ounces of Gatorade, and topped the rest with Redbull over some ice in a fancy wine glass, because why not?

I used red Gatorade, because it's my favorite, but I feel like blue would have been more appropriate. It probably doesn't matter that much. Anyway, this was much, much, much more drinkable than I was expecting. I don't know that I'd mix it up again, but it definitely didn't taste bad. So. That's something.

It actually tasted a whole lot like one particular "punch" I drank from a two-liter Hawaiian Punch bottle during one very ill-fated tailgate, so Sweatpants4Life gets a trophy that reminds me of college, which is "Heartbeats" by The Knife.

Moving on.

You have probably picked up on this little fact about me, but I enjoy a spirit-heavy, ethanol-forward type of cocktail. I like something I can sip, and I like a slight burn in my throat. Martinis, Manhattans, very bitter aperitifs: these types of things are my bag, baby, but there is something to be said for a guzzle-able beverage.

Recently, I have been frequenting an establishment called Blackbird Pizza, which has pretty good pizza, but very good mason jar cocktails, all of which are named after birds. My particular favorite is the Pale Blue Jay, which contains "Blueberry infused gin, ginger syrup, fresh lime, cran, plumb bitters" and cost $6 for 16 ounces, or $8 for 32 ounces. It basically tastes like ginger-berry lemonade, and it basically rocks my world. I usually get the 32-ounce one (shocking) because it's only two bucks more, and it's also just that easy to drink. (Don't worry, this place is within walking distance!)

I seriously don't know if I've ever had a more refreshing, drinkable cocktail. It's one of those that makes you go "there isn't even any alcohol in this!" but there is, my friends. There most definitely is. So now I obviously want to hear what your favorite, super drinkable, "this-probably-doesn't-really-have-booze-in-it-oh-wait-it-does" beverage is. Bonus if it also comes in absurdly large volumes.