RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Veggie-Heavy Comfort Food

I have been known to eat a lentil.
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January 13, 2016
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Hello my babes, and welcome back to another Recipe of the Week. Last week we shunned "healthy" resolutions and talked about exciting ways to put more potatoes in our mouths. (We also talked about how shitty 2016 is, and it was going (slightly) better, but then David Bowie died so I guess this is just going to be the year of endless sorrow.)

But enough about sadness, let's talk about food, glorious food.

I dare say it went well.

The winning recipe came from longtime commenter and ROTW participant Miz, and it was the perfect combination of easy, delicious, and just a tad trash-food-y.

Grab yourself some tater tots, chili and nacho cheese sauce.

Combine.(I do not have a very sophisticated palette)

I'm really, really sorry you're going through a tough time, Claire.

eta:omg I just realized I meant palate. Fuck me.

(In Miz's defense, I am constantly misspelling "palate," and it's a word that I should honestly know how to spell by now.)

The work/payoff ratio on this is pretty excellent. While I was heating some Target brand tater tots ("potato puffs" according to Target) in the oven, I mixed a little of Trader Joe's turkey chili and a lot of Tostino's "Smooth and Cheesy Dip" in a pan. The latter was poured over the top of the former, and lunch was served!

The result was exactly what you think it would be: fucking delicious. I'm going to eat this again (I still have some tots), but next time I might put a fried egg on there.

You know Miz gets a trophy for this excellent suggestion, and that trophy is "Queen Bitch" by David Bowie, because no one should be listening to anything but Bowie right now.

Moving right along. Last week, a few of you mentioned that you wouldn't hate a vegetarian-themed ROTW and you know what? I wouldn't hate it either. What I don't want though is a bunch of smoothie bowls, because it's too cold and rainy for smoothie bowls. January demands comfort food, but what I really need is vegetables disguised as comfort food, so your assignment is to give me filling, warming, veggie-heavy meals that nurture the body and soul.

Basically, a vegetable needs to be the star of the dish, and that dish needs to be comforting and inviting. I would prefer that the recipes be vegetarian, or at least easily adaptable for vegetarians, but cheese is totally allowed. Alright, that's all I got. Let's veg it up.