I Posted a Picture of a Cheeseburger on Facebook and Everyone Freaked Out

Angry vegans have their panties in a bunch just because I shared a photo of my dinner.
Publish date:
October 14, 2016
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My Facebook wall is pretty tame. I have added most of my family as friends, and I try not to repulse them with anything too salacious, odd, or despicable. I'll upload photos of my dog Kermit, of myself and my boyfriend — you know, the usual stuff.

Until now.

I have uploaded something appalling, and it's setting people off. It's something so awful, so controversial, so evil that my behavior is making people furious enough to accuse me of murder on my very own Facebook wall.

You might be wondering, What did you post a picture of, Elisa? Ashes from a building you burned down? Did you find a nun and chop her head off?

No, none of these things.

What I posted, dear readers, was a cheeseburger. A beautiful, juicy, gorgeous, sesame-seed-bun-enclosed cheeseburger. With pickles and onions.

These are some of the comments I've received:

  • "Barf!
  • "How many innocent cows were murdered for that?"
  • "You're killing innocent animals. Daily."
  • "Shame on all humans who eat any animal!!!!! Go vegan today!!"
  • "Animals endure abuse and suffering from day one!!!!"
  • "Gross."
  • "You should know better."
  • "This is Nazi behavior."
  • "Go vegan love your self and the planet, stop that massive Holocaust!"

And that's not including the replies of photos of animals being ripped to shreds.

These cheeseburger condemners must really be busy because on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, pretty much anywhere online are similar photographs of big juicy burgers. So all day, they must be clicking from burger to burger, accusing people of murder and posting gory photos of cows.

I have been a vegetarian and even a vegan before. I understand why people do it. I actually agree with these nuts posting replies on my photo! However, it would be absolutely ridiculous if I expected the whole word to change their minds about eating meat just because I post a picture of a dead beaver with its legs in a blender. Why can't people just eat what they want without the insane response?

I can't stand anchovies, but do I walk around the neighborhood telling other people to hate them? No. I'm not into caviar, but if I'm at a restaurant that has it, do you know what I do? I don't even mention it. I also don't like cats, but I don't dare even go into that here.

It's sad to me that if you say something people don't agree with, often soon after that there's a verbal attack. My cheeseburger wasn't some kind of signal telling people to go out and kill animals. I don't hate cows. Some cows are adorable! It was just dinner. I wasn't making a political statement or trying to hurt anyone's feelings. If I wanted to hurt a vegetarian's feelings, I would have at least tagged them in my post.

I'm proud of that cheeseburger photo I posted. Not because it's gorgeous, but because I did not take it down and I didn't wimp out. I've taken down jokes on Twitter before when people complained about them not being PC enough. I ended up regretting that every time it's happened. I've taken down pictures that have embarrassed me when people wrote mean comments under them. However, I did NOT take down my cheeseburger. I won't! In fact I might make that cheeseburger into my main profile picture on Facebook and my LinkedIn profile. What that burger represents to me is not backing down.

If you or someone you know feels inspired to post a baby duck or tiny little lamb with a cute bow on it's head on my wall, it's fine with me. Post a baby piglet or a small innocent fawn. Post a calf rolling around in a rainbow. Post a group of chickens sledding down a mountain with their families. Post lambs holding hands. A rabbit crying. I won't change my mind based on anyone's responses. If I want to eat a filet mignon with a side of ham, I will do just that. I refuse to be told what to do. The only person who decides what I eat is me.