Come Talk Turkey and Traditions In This Very Special Thanksgiving Open Thread!

Also: Can I go ahead and put Christmas stuff up?
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November 26, 2015
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Hello everyone! Welcome to this very special Thanksgiving open thread. This is actually the first open thread I've ever done, and I'm pretty excited about it. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday, because -- like myself -- it is very food-centric.

I have a pretty big family with many branches and off-shoots, and each off-shoot has its own unique way of "doing" the last Thursday of November. My mom is the oldest of seven children, and Thanksgiving is her family's big annual gathering, and it's really more of Christmas/Thanksgiving hybrid than a pure Thanksgiving. We do a "Dirty Turkey" (which sometimes get called "Yankee Swap" because Mississippians) gift exchange and my grandmother doles out knitted finery to her many progeny.

My dad's family is pretty low-key, and the only real requirements are that there must be a turkey and there must be some sort of Cool Whip dish. One year I thought it "might be fun to do a ham," and my father acted as if I had suggested we cook the dog. (I tried again this year with a duck. No dice.)

In addition to whatever family traditions I'm partaking in, I also have one personal tradition that must be observed, and that is the making of the Leftover Sandwich.

This sandwich isn't just limited to turkey and cranberry sauce, oh no, this sandwich has multiple casseroles and mashed potatoes as well. It used to weird my family out, but now they have come to expect it, and I think they look forward to it in a strange way.

I'm always curious to learn about other people's unique holiday traditions, and I'd love to hear yours! If you need some talking points, try the ones below:

  • What are your "must have" Thanksgiving edibles?
  • How do you cook your turkey? (Deep-fried is my personal favorite.)
  • If you had to choose: pecan or pumpkin pie?
  • Do you watch the parade?
  • What form do your cranberries take (jellied, sauced, or relished?)
  • When do you sit down for the big meal?
  • College football or pro?
  • Do you watch dog show?
  • Is Black Friday terrible?

If you're all Thanksgiving'd-out and just wanna talk about Jessica Jones or Master of None (or anything else), I respect that too.