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April 6, 2016
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Howdy partners, and welcome to another very special episode of Recipe of the Week, my personal favorite place on the internet to talk about food. Last week we discussed the many wonders of the cast iron pan, which are perhaps best summed up by the most popular comment:

Recipe: cook just about everything in your cast iron. The end.

While this isn't technically a recipe, Mapsandpeaches makes a very salient point, and is thus awarded a trophy, which is "Girl Inform Me" by The Shins.

The second most popular comment, and most popular actual recipes, was the following little jewel from gingerlox:

cook steak in the cast iron- remove steak from pan, layer tortilla chips, steak, cheese, jalapenos, green onions and salsa in the pan. Put pan in oven at 400 for like 10-15 minutes. remove, apply sour cream and guac.

I appreciate that this type of one dish recipe. It really illustrates the versatility of the cast iron pan (proving Mapsandpeaches' point) and cuts down on dishes, which is always a plus.

First of all, I got the pan super hot by letting it preheat along with the oven. Because I am antsy and need distraction while waiting for things like ovens, I took a nice, hot bath while I waited. Once the oven and pan were scorching, I cranked the stove up and got ready to cook my steak, which I had rubbed a little olive oil and salt on.

I used a hanger steak, searing it a couple minutes on each side and leaving it pretty raRe in the middle, since I knew it would be cooking a bit further in the oven. (Also, I just like my steaks on the rarest side possible, especially cuts like this.) Then I layered everything as directed, popped it back in that super hot oven, and let everything get melty and delicious.

To say this was "delicious" would be the understatement of the week/year/decade, but beyond being tasty, this was so easy! Easy prep, easy cooking, easy eating. It's all so easy. One important note though: be fucking careful when taking that pan in and out of the oven. I didn't have any problems this time, but I have literally been burned before, so.

This delicious dish deserves a delicious trophy, and that delicious trophy is "Starry Eyes" by The Records because this dish left me with stars in my eyes.

Moving right along.

This week, we are going to focus on one of the world's most glorious foods. One of those foods that never disappoints, and has many different iterations and opportunities for customization. I am talking about the tortilla-encased magic known as the "taco," and I want to talk about it with you, my dearest foodie friends.

There are no real restrictions on this one, you just have to give me a recipe for a taco. It can be meaty, veggie, vegan, even sweet, because we have to allow for the glory of the Choco-Taco.

So have at it, and give me your tastiest, most scrumptious taco recipes!